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Contractual Services


We’d like to create moments of awakened artistic experiences with you. You can be the inspiration and we will execute the experience. In the past, we have been taken into service for various events: re-enactments, narrative movement story telling, haunts at haunted houses, silent telegrams, birthday party variety hours and street festivals to name a few. If you have an inkling of an idea, take us on to execute it for you.




If you would like to get involved and come play with us, the best opportunity to do so is to join us for our workshops. We hold 2 annual open house practical experiences with general participation. These help both the participant and us see how well we play together. In addition, we offer practical experiences geared towards the understanding of being present and authentic on stage through physicality and silence. For more information, go here.


Buster (the bus)


An iconic piece of Silent Theatre’s past is a long black and white school bus whose interior has been modified to provide a traveling arena for adventure. Buster has previously been involved in parades, festivals, weddings, pub crawls, private parties and touring. If you would like to employ Buster for an event, write us at with a description of your adventure idea. The 42’ bus is also equipped to hold two side banners on its exterior providing a moving billboard advertisement.

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