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Developmental Programming

The 24 2020: a play festival created, executed and performed in a day

Schedule pending

18 performers. 6 writers. 1 hat. 24 hours.

Rough Draft Series

The Rough Draft Series is Silent Theatre's home for experimentation and the development of new work. From time to time, our development workshops produce promising work that's not quite ready for the main stage. This series is a way for us to gain insight and clarity by sharing these works-in-progress with the essential element in all we do: our audience.

Annual Open Workshop/Auditions

Once a year we open our doors to anyone interested in learning a bit more about our style of making theatre. If you're interested in playing with us, this is a good way to let us know. We do occasionally hold specific auditions as well, if you're interested in working with us, we recommend following our Facebook page.

Development Workshops

As part of our ongoing effort to produce new work, we run workshops that explore the ongoing process of creating brand new theatrical experiences for writers, and more physically minded creators. These are currently invite only. If you would like to let us know you're interested in future workshops, please send us a message through the contact page, or follow us on Facebook.

Contractual Services

Commissions & Special Events

Let us create awakened artistic experiences with you! You bring your inspiration and we will execute the rest. In the past, we have produced various events: re-enactments, narrative movement story telling, haunts at haunted houses, silent telegrams, birthday party variety hours and street festivals to name a few. If you have an inkling of an idea, take us on to execute it for you. Contact us with inquiries. 

Corporate and Educational Workshops

We offer practical experiences geared towards the understanding of being present and authentic on stage and in life through physicality and silence. For more information, including pricing, please drop us a line.

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