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Shrouded in the decadence of the Chopin Theatre,

this spring we will part the curtains of

"The Seven Secret Plays of Madam Caprice"


Prior to that momentous occasion,

and to help such momentus occasion occur,

we shall bring you a taste.

A morsel.

A cup of tea.

A delightful time and place

at the house of dear Esteliana Caprice.


Such unordinary theatrics will abound!

Such melodies will ring, such musings all around!

Be privy to a riddle, a raffle, a secret silent auction.

Libations and quotations will be worth the applause,

but we'll know,

in our hearts,

your kindness is the cause

for your decision to partake in this fantastical quest.

What will you find here?

Who knows?

What have you lost?

Is it a whale?

'Cause we got one of those.


And if it happens it's yourself you seek...

Welcome, fellow traveler, to Gooseberry Hill.



Such unordinary ThS

Saturday, March 7th at 7:00p Hq, 1914 N. Milwaukee #3

To acquire your $30 all inclusive entry:

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