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Gillian Hastings

is a self-proclaimed conduit for creativity, Gilliosopher, and unofficial founder of the Life Connoisseur Club. I have a passion project called Connect-the-Dots that explores the SOCIAL CONSTRUCTION OF REALITY. For example, who decided that one can only use one tense in a piece of writing, she pondered aloud...

Favorite STC role: Mary G. Wilkins in the Seven Secret Plays of Madam Caprice

Favorite Food: Thai

Favorite Quote:

"Treat other people as if they are YOU hiding in another skin suit." - Gillian Hastings


as Mary G. Wilkins, performing with The Pill Poppers in The Seven Secret Plays of Madam Caprice


as Alice, in Incomplete Conversations


as Starla, in Noir: a shot & a chaser

Silent Theatre Production History

The Maid in Lulu: a black & white silent play, 2005

Starla in Noir: a shot & a chaser, 2007

The Kid in A Charlie Chaplin Christmas, 2008

Ensenble in The Thin Line: A History of Printmaking, 2009

Writer of Carnival Nocturne, 2009

Ensemble in A.C.M.E.: a (live) action cartoon with music & entertainment, 2010

Ensemble in Aliens, 2012

Ghost of Christmas Past in  A Christmas Carol: a black & white silent play, 2013

Mary G. Wilkins in The Seven Secret Plays of Madam Caprice, 2014-15

Alice in Incomplete Conversations, 2019


backstage as The Maid, in LULU: a black & white silent play

Silent Theatre Company co-founder & ensemble member since 2005

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