Gillian Hastings

is a self-proclaimed conduit for creativity, Gilliosopher, and unofficial founder of the Life Connoisseur Club. I have a passion project called Connect-the-Dots that explores the SOCIAL CONSTRUCTION OF REALITY. For example, who decided that one can only use one tense in a piece of writing, she pondered aloud...

Favorite STC role: Mary G. Wilkins in the Seven Secret Plays of Madam Caprice

Favorite Food: Thai

Favorite Quote:

"Treat other people as if they are YOU hiding in another skin suit." - Gillian Hastings

as Mary G. Wilkins, performing with The Pill Poppers in The Seven Secret Plays of Madam Caprice

as Alice, in Incomplete Conversations

as Starla, in Noir: a shot & a chaser

Silent Theatre Production History

The Maid in Lulu: a black & white silent play, 2005

Starla in Noir: a shot & a chaser, 2007

The Kid in A Charlie Chaplin Christmas, 2008

Ensenble in The Thin Line: A History of Printmaking, 2009

Writer of Carnival Nocturne, 2009

Ensemble in A.C.M.E.: a (live) action cartoon with music & entertainment, 2010

Ensemble in Aliens, 2012

Ghost of Christmas Past in  A Christmas Carol: a black & white silent play, 2013

Mary G. Wilkins in The Seven Secret Plays of Madam Caprice, 2014-15

Alice in Incomplete Conversations, 2019

backstage as The Maid, in LULU: a black & white silent play

Silent Theatre Company co-founder & ensemble member since 2005

Supported by The MacArthur Funds for Arts and Culture at The Richard H. Driehaus Foundation, The Illinois Humanities, Arts Work Fund, One State Grant, Illinois Arts Council Agency, Network for Good, and the generosity of our individual donors.