Corona dell'Arte

Corona dell'Arte: Hot Ghoul Summer

Since we got RAINED OUT, we are combining the broadcast with media from the artists we didn't get to feature for your viewing pleasure. Stay tuned!

A pair of clowns host a variety show to lift the spirits and provide a cure for the common bore. Episode 2: Hot Ghoul Summer

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Corona dell'Arte Episode 2: Hot Ghoul Summer features:

Ana Everling
KJ Whitehead
Nati Via
Fay Florence-Steddum
Xavier Biddings

Hosted by:

Danielle Levsky, the Soviet Jewish Grandma Clown

Josh Levine, her brother Itzik

Remaining dates:

July 17th

August 14th

*Livestreamed in front of a limited live audience in regulations with Chicago's Covid-19 guidelines. To RSVP for a spot in the live audience, contact us with date of interest and number of people.