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Why have we ceded so much of our lives and our space to the automobile?


Nell Voss can think of many better uses for urban space. She spends most of her free time imagining cities with forests instead of traffic corridors and vegetable gardens instead of parking lots. She’s also spent a large part of the last fifteen years writing (plays, screenplays, novels and reviews), or directing (plays, films, her child’s schedule).

Silent Theatre Company co-founder & ensemble member since 2005

She is a founding member of Silent Theatre Company, where she has worn many hats over the years. Recently she has been coordinating the development of new work as part of a writing workshop designed to refine STC’s pipeline of original work. She lives in Chicago where she loves to watch plays, read novels, grow food and spend as much of the summer at the beach as she possibly can.


as the Fiancee in LULU: a black & white silent play

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